Current projects

Project name Description
ISBT Affordable Housing ProjectDetails:-
1. Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority is developing Affordable housing scheme Near ISBT Dehradun
2. The Project includes construction of Multi-Storied EWS, LIG (G+3) & MIG (Stilt+4) houses.
3. Total No. of Flats (EWS,LIG,& MIG units) - 560 flats
(i) MIG - 224
(ii) LIG - 192
(iii) EWS - 144
4. Housing Scheme has been launched on 28th September 2013.
5. Construction agency is UPRNN unit-4.
6. The housing scheme is financialy supported by HUDCO.
Possession are getting awarded to the allottees.
HIG Housing Project Near ISBTDetails:-
1.Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority (the “Authority”) is developing HIG housing Project near ISBT Dehradun adjecent to its Affordable Housing scheme.
2. The Project includes construction of Multi-Storied HIG housing units with facilities like Gym, Swimming Pool, Yoga Room/Meditation Hall, Game Room, 2 Party Hall, Cafe/Lounge, Departmental Store, Green Court etc. and other infrastructure facilities.
3. Area of site for HIG housing is around 15610.71 SqM.
4. The layout of HIG housing shall consists of 338 units.
5. Construction agency is UPRNN.
6. The housing scheme is financialy supported by HUDCO.
Sample flat for demonstration is ready on Site. Foundation work is almost completed on site.
ISBT Extesion Project at Transport Nagar Details:-
1. Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority is developing Extension of ISBT housing scheme at Transport Nagar Phase 1 and Phase 2 in Dehradun.
2. Authority is coming with 132 MIG (Stilt +6) Units at Transpor Nagar Phase 1 at Saharanpur Road and 368 EWS & LIG (G+3) Units at Transport Nagar Phase 2.
3. The EWS& LIG units are getting developed for the banificiaries of River Front Development Project.
4. Area of site for MIG is around 8364 SqM. and for EWS & LIG is around 11431.55 SqM .
5. The distance from ISBT is about 1.3 KM.
6. Construction agency is UPRNN Unit 4.
7. The housing scheme is financialy supported by HUDCO.
On Both the sites structure work is on progress. Sample flat is getting ready for public. In MIG almost 45% work and in EWS& LIG almost 55% has been completed.
Aam wala Tarla Housing ProjectDetails:-
1. Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority is developing housing scheme at Aamwala Tarla in Dehradun.
2. Total No. of Flats (EWS,LIG, Studio Apartment, MIG & HIG units) - 592 flats
(i) HIG (Stilt + 7) -112
(ii) MIG (Stilt + 7) - 112
(iii) Studio Apartment (G+3) - 48
(iv) LIG ( G+3) - 80
(v) EWS (G+3) - 240
3. In above all the EWS& LIG units are getting developed for the banificiaries of River Front Development Project.
3. Housing have facilities like Community Hall, Gym, Swiming Pool etc.
4. The total Area of site is around 30,000 SqM.
5. Construction Agency is HSCL. (Hindustan SteelWorks Construction Ltd).
1. Site leveling and foundation work for different units has been started on Site.
2. RCC work upto Second floor had been completed in 11 blocks.
Aam wala Tarla External DevelopmentDetails:-
1. 9m wide road with drain has to be developed around Aamwala Tarla Housing Project.
2. Work awarded to UPRNN Unit-4
1. Construction of drain has been started by Niram Nigam
2. Drain work had been completed upto 350m length by the construction agency UPRNN.
River front Development"Details:-
1. Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority is taking the initiative to develop the two major rivers of the City, Rispana & Bindal River.
2. The Project has components like Detailed Hydrological studies of both the rivers, Chanelization of Rivers, Abatment of Pollution, Master Planning & Infrastructure Development of the suraunding areas etc.
3. Total complete hydrological studies and survey get conducted for the total length of the Bindal (approx 17 Km) and for Rispana (approx 19Km).
4. In first phase two Pilot stretches has been selected -
(i) 2.5KM on both sides of the Kishanpur Bridge at Rispana River.
(ii) 2.5 KM on both sides of the Bridge at Haridwar by-pass at Bindal River.
5. Stratigically project is divided in three different parts -
(i) Household Survey ( to identify each and every household present along the stretches)
Work is awarded to Prozeel Consuliting Agency.
(ii) Detailed Hydrological studies of both the rivers, Chanelization of Rivers, Abatment of Pollution etc. Work is awarded to WAPCOS ltd ( (A Govt of India Undertaking).
(iii) Master planning, preperation of zoning plan and structuring self financing project.
Work is awarded to IIDC limited ( joint venture of Goverment of India and IL&FS).
6. Project is approved through EFC.
7. Construction agency is UPRNN Rudrapur unit.
Status:- 1. House Hold survey of both the pilot stretches has been completed, varification of survey is on progress.
2.The EWS and LIG (Transport nagar phase-II & AAM wala tarla) units to be given at subsidised rates to the banificiaries and the cost incidence to be covered by the sale of MIG units & HIG units.
3. On the basis of alignment and channelization provided by WAPCOS the constructiopn work of retaining wall at Bindal River in the downstream from Haridwar Bypaas bridge and at Rispana River in the downstream from Kishanpur Bridge has been started.
4. In Bindal Approximately 1300m on left bank and 700m on right bank, retaining wall has been constructed.
5. Zoning Plan report for the selected pilot stretches submitted by IIDC ltd.
Art Gallery "1. Honb. Chief Minister of Uttarakhand state annoumced and has layed the foundation stone of the Art gallery at HNB Multipurpose Complex.
2. Proposed Built-Up area for Art Gallery is around : 450 Sqmt
3. Thew art gallery will show case the art and degign related to garhwal and Kumaon region.
4.The gallery will also showcase Artwork on natural dissaster occured in Uttarakhand state in year 2013.
5.This will be fisrt of its kind art gallery of Uttarakhand state.
Smart City Project "Details:-
1. Dehradun is selected in the list of first hundred cities selected by Government of India for Smart City Project.
2. For the preparation of Smart City Proposal an Agreement get signed with firm Pricewaterhousecooper Pvt. Ltd.
1. Proposal is getting developed in the close corrdiantion with different stakeholder of the city.
2. Several program get conduction for citizen engagement.
3. MDDA has submitted the Revised proposal on 30th June 2016.
Indira amma bhojanalaya" Details:-
1. As per the direction of Honorable Chief Minister of Uttarakhand 'Indiramma Anna Yojana' was started. The aim of the scheme is to provide nutritious meal at minimum cost.
2. The first Indiraamma Bhojanalaya get constructed in the premisese of HNB complex, which get inaugurated by Honorable Chief Minister in the ocasion of Independence Day.
3. After successful launching of the first Indiraamma Bhojanalaya, two more Bhojanalaya get constructed, one in Doon Hospital and another one in Transport Nagar.
4. Detail of all three are below-
(i) Indiraamma Bhojanalaya at HNB Complex - Area (324.76 sqm) Space for 89 person.
(ii) Indiraamma Bhojanalaya at Doon Hospital -Area (105.6 sqm) Space for 36 person.
(iii) Indiraamma Bhojanalaya at Transport nagar - Area ( 337sqm ) Space for 59 person.

Rain Basera & Toilet Block in Transport Nagar" Details:-
1. For public convenience a Public Toilet cum RainBasera is getting constructed by MDDA in Transport nagar phase 1.
2. This public convenience block will have a male toilet of 16 WC & 10 urinals and bathing Area of 17 Shower on Ground Floor and a Hall of 174.65 sqm at first floor.
3. Total Built-up Area - Approx 400Sqm.
4. Construction Ageency - UPRNN unit 4

Status:- Civil work is on progress. Almost 30% work has been completed.
Façade Imporvement of H.N.B. Complex, Ghantagher"Details :-
1. Project involve work of Facade Improvement, Installation of Fire Fighting System & Escalators, Improvement of Boundary Wall, Retrofitting, landscaping and operation & maintenance of H.N.B. Complex.
2. Project is proposed to be developed at PPP basis , these works needs to be carried out by selected private Developer on Build, Operate and Transfer basis .,
3. The project was awarded EGM approval in jan 2014.

1. RFP was floated to invite participation from reputed private developers to undertake the project in PPP mode. Through which GTM Builders & Promoters Pvt. Ltd. is selected & Letter of Award issued to the firm.
2. Concession Agreement has been signed between MDDA & GTM Builders & Promoters Pvt. Ltd.Total Land area- 10174.35 Sqm.
Chakrata Road-redevelopment"1. Project proposal has been submitted to the Government on 5th June 2013.
2. Proposed policy for Chakrata Road Re-development is submitted on 13.07.2013 to the Government.
3. The DCA and RFP documents submitted to the Government on 4/10/2013
4. The amended policy submitted to the Government on 21/10/2013
5. Notification of Section 4 and Section 17 was published on 14/10/2013
6. Loan Application of loan from HUDCO regarding the compensation has sent.
7. State Government decision on granting sec. 6 notification done."
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