Upcoming Projects

Project name Description
Jolly Grant to Sahastradhara Highway Project" Details:-
1. An express-way is proposed between Jollygrant and Shastradhara, In the continuation of making Dehradun a Smart City the stretch has to be developed by MDDA.
2.The total stretch has been divided into two parts -
(i) From Shastradhara to Raipur Bridge
(ii) From Raipur Bridge to jollygrant
3. Through bidding process for the work of Design planing & supervision ,consultant ( Bloom Companies LLC, USA in Association with Definiti Design Pvt.Ltd. ) has been finalized LOA is awarded.
4. The Total tentative Porject cost- 300 Cr.
1. The survey work for the assignment is in progress.
2. The consultant is preparing the feasibility study and financial model.
Personal Rapid Transit System "Details:-
1. Road Network Inventory Survey
2. Marking of Current Location of parking
3. Origin and Destination survey & willingness to pay survey
1. Tender has been published in the news paper for inviting proposals from Empanelled consultant (before 5th march).
2. The consultant has been finalized and LOA is awarded
3. The survey work for the assignment is in progress.
4. The consultant is preparing the feasibility study and financial model.
5. Feasibility report submitted
6. Layout of the identified stations prepared.
7. Stake holder meeting & Presentation in the presence of VC,MDDA.
8. RFP/PIM/Annexure for undertaking the project in PPP to be sent to Government.
9. RFQ published in newspapers.

MLCP at Astley Hall"1. Project area- 1762 Sqm
2. Project facilities & objectives
o Multi-storeyed parking lot
o Road widening
o The project has two basement, one lower ground floor, G+6 floors in which 2 basement
3. Floor Wise Activity-
1. Parking Floors- Two basement + Fifth and sixth floor
2. Floors for sehkarita bazaar- Ground and first floor
3. Flooors for MDDA- Second, third and fourth floor
Parking capacity : 213 cars
Railway station shifting project" Details:-
1. Railway station shifting to Harrawala in PPP(Public Private Partnership) mode
2. Construction of express highway from old station to new proposed station.
3. Development of infrastructure at the new proposed site.
4. Modification and improvement of old station to reduce traffic conjunction.
1. Conceptual plan is ready.
2. Consultant for the project has been selected.
3. Preliminary survey of the area is started.
4. Coordination with Railway department has been done and survey permission has been received from the DRM office
5. Topography survey of the area is started by the consultant
6. U-DEC has presented three options for shifting of Railway station to Harrawala area on 29th May 2013 in presence of VC, DM, SSP and senior officers of Railway department
7. Awaiting meeting from the Chief Secretary, Uttarakhand
8. Meeting chaired by Chief Secretary conducted on the assignment.
9. The project to be pursued with the Railway board for in principle consent at the level of Govt of Uttarakhand
10. Pre-feasibility Study of project sent to Govt of Uttarakhand."
Metro Transit between Haridwar, Rishikesh and Dehradun"1. Prefeasibility study of Metro conectivity between Dehradun , Rishikesh and Haridwar has been done by UIPCL(Utttarakhand Infrastrcuture Project Company Limited.
2. In prefeasibility report :
(a) Carrty out regional transport studies between Rishikesh - Haridwar
(b) Collection of Secondary data
(c) Study of commutation routes
(d) Route Selection
(e) Work out option for MRTS
(f) typical conceptional plan for two termianl stations
(g) Commercial viability and institutional mechanism and implementation mobalities
(h) Final report has been submitted by consultant."
Foot Over Bridge"Details:-
Four FOB on PPP at following locations
1- Darshanlal Chowk
2- Tehsil Chowk
3- Near Clock Tower
4- Ashely hall
1. FOB at Tehsil Chowk Inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand."
Indira Market Re-developpment Project (PPP Project)
1. Redevelopment of Indira Market in PPP mod. Total land area: around 17000 sqm. The total area includes:
2. Indira Market: approx 9000 sqm
3. Old Taxi Stand approx 4000 sqm
4. MDDA parking approx 4000 sqm
5. Total beneficiaries: around 500 shop keepers of indira market including the auto mechanic cluster
In situ redevelopment scheme.
1. EFC approval has been granted from govt.
2. Project approved by Government.
3. RFQ floated for the appointment of suitable developer. "
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