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MDDA was established in 1984 with objective of planning and development of the city.


The twin cities of Mussoorie- Dehradun, it’s an architect’s dream, a planner’s delight, inspiration for poets and a Mecca for tourists.

Dehradun manifests its position as an important city in the most fertile region of Doon Valley between rivers Yamuna and Ganga. It’s infact, the most developed city in the Shiwalik foothills and the gateway to the far-flung hill areas of Uttaranchal. Dehradun is blessed with many state and central government institutions for which It maintain its position in the country. It is the most vital service center, which meets the trade and commerce requirements of its hinterland.

During the post independence period, Dehradun as a city has registered an unprecedented growth in its population as well as physical expansion. Till the seventies there was no serious effort to chanalise the haphazard growth of the city. However with a view to check the haphazard growth of Dehradun the State government declared it as a Regulated area in 1963 under UP regulation of Building and Building Operation Act 1958 but the desired objectives could not be achieved as it performed only regulatory functions.

Consequently, before MDDA came into existence in 1984, the city was confronted with a number of problems of uncontrolled and haphazard development.


To check the haphazard development and degradation of natural environment, to sustain the glory of the city and to build further upon it was colossal task handed over to the MDDA in the year 1984 under the provisions of U.P Urban Planning and Development Act 1973. MDDA is a local decision making agency and it is totally self-sufficient, capable of undertaking all sorts of activities for well planned urban development. The challenges before MDDA are massive and diversified, as Dehradun / Mussoories requires an integrated development process, which has to be inexpensive, functionally utilitarian, environmentally healthy, recreationally adequate and aesthetically appealing.

MDDA is committed to keep pace with the needs of fast growing population and relevant infrastructure required for such phenomenal growth. The Development of Dehradun / Mussoorie in a planned manner , creating quality infrastructure, provision of sites and services and the housing needs of under privileged are the focus areas of MDDA.
To make the city meet modern urban standards, it undertakes the following:
Implementation of the Master Plan.
Acquisition of land to implement the various schemes.
Enforcement of plans and development schemes.
Adaptation of measures for protection of natural environment in the development area.
Coordination with Municipal Corporation, Public Works Department and other agencies involved with urban development.


Dehradun is facing a plethora of problem like housing shortage; tremendous pressure on the existing urban infrastructure and problem of traffic and congestion. In the changed scenario, MDDA has taken up various planning proposals-short term & long term to tackle the existing problem and to cope with future requirements of the city.

Dehradun Master Plan-2001 has to be revised and it needs to be tackled in the light of the capital city. State Town & Country Planning Department & MDDA are already carrying out the physical survey of the entire city and its peripheries to prepare the base map and to identify the entire city and its peripheries to prepare the base map and to identify the potential areas for urban expansion and future planning.

To minimize the problem of traffic jams, congestion and pollution in the city, MDDA has proposed to establish a Transport Nagar at Saharanpur road, an Inter State Bus Terminal near Hardware Bypass-Saharanpur Road, Warehousing complex & Whole Sale areas near Transport Nagar and to develop public parking in the congested areas. With a view to adopt immediate measures for easy traffic movement in the city, MDDA is carrying out a study of traffic management for Dehradun/Mussoorie through traffic experts of RITES.

MDDA has proposed to amend the existing building byelaws to achieve sustainable development in this ecologically fragile zone. Sufficient provisions have been made through the proposed amendments of byelaws for structure safety measures to protect the build environment from natural disasters like earthquake & landslides; as this area falls under the sensitive seismic zone on the Vulnerable Atlas of India. The consideration for conservation of natural resources have also been taken care of in the byelaws with the previous to promote rainwater-harvesting, use of non- conventional energy sources and providing more open spaces for water recharge and plantation.

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